Nintendo Trademarks Luigi's Mansion (Again)

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Nintendo of America has taken the somewhat unexpected step of reviving its Luigi's Mansion trademark, either a sign of its very protective trademarking desires or a renewed interest in giving Luigi more face time with gamers.


It may be nothing more than the former, as Nintendo already has seven Luigi's Mansion trademarks—three "live," four "dead" according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office—so it may just be covering its bases. A few of those Luigi's Mansion marks expired or were canceled in 2009.

But Luigi's Mansion may be getting some renewed attention from Nintendo—perhaps in the form of a New Play Control release? The GameCube game's flashlight controls may be a good fit for a Wii Remote makeover, but we're not sure if Nintendo's interested in giving Luigi another shot at a starring role.

Anybody out there a big fan of Luigi's Mansion and really wants to make a Wii port happen?

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No. No ports. I've played the game completely through no less than ten times. That aside, after what they did to Mario Power Tennis I'm less confident than ever on the "New Play Control!" front.

A sequel I'd purchase in less than a heartbeat. One millionth of the amount of time it takes for the average hummingbird's heart to beat one single time, I'd buy a frigging $80 collector's edition.