Nintendo Toys Hit Burger King

What, the prospect of apple fries (?) and a tub of macaroni & cheese doesn't sound appealing enough to you, purveyor of fine, fatty American fast foods? What about some crap Nintendo toys?

Yeah, now you're interested. Cashing in on America's love of both active video gaming and passive waist expansion, Burger King have begun offering cheap, Nintendo Wii-inspired toys as part of their Club BK kid's meals.


There are ten to collect, ranging from a Paper Mario puzzle (use the magnetic Wii Remote toy to avoid the blocks!) to a Metroid Challenge (use the magnetic Wii Remote toy to propel the ball through the maze!) to a Light-Up Luma (use the magnetic Wii Remote toy to...oh, he doesn't use it, he just lights up).

Most are cheap, most are nasty, but the adorable Luma and the Boo might just be worth the calories.

Club BK [Burger King, via Go Nintendo]

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