Nintendo to Reveal a New Model of the 3DS?

Ahead of Nintendo's E3 press conference tomorrow, it appears some news of what they'll be discussing has already spilled out in the Japanese press. The most important piece being that the company plans to launch a new model of the Nintendo 3DS.

According to a report from Nikkei, this new model of the 3DS will have a 4.3 inch screen (the current model's bottom screen is 3.02 inches), and could be avialable worldwide as early as the Summer.


In other words, a 3DS XL. Here's hoping it also comes with a second thumbstick as part of the hardware.

The report also claims the Wii U will launch at a price of around ¥30,000. That's USD$382, but that's an unfair comparison to make at the moment given the lopsided exchange rate.

任天堂、2つのゲーム機で再攻勢 スマホに対抗 [Nikkei, via Andriasang]

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