As of this publication, there are 20 versions of AAA Clock and five versions of its sequel game, the aptly titled AAA Clock 2, on the Nintendo Switch. (At least as far as I can tell. Let’s be honest, all these releases start to bleed into another at a certain point and my eyes may be playing tricks on me.) Like Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Taiko no Tatsujin series, AAA Clock’s overpopulation of the Switch store is due to it constantly being sold in bundles with its many expansion packs. To RedDeerGames’ credit, the names of AAA Clock’s many editions are as distinct as a Devil May Cry 5 style meter.


For posterity, the names of AAA Clock expansions (in chronological order of release) are Deluxe, Ultimate, Extended, Cyber Protocol, Premium, Definitive, Special, Complete, National 🫡, Pixel, Platinum, Elegant, Director’s Cut, GOTY, Happy, Magnificent, and Superb Edition. For the time being, AAA Clock 2 only has a Premium Edition, which completely ignores the entire release date ordering of expansion names that RedDeerGames had so eloquently established with its predecessor.

Kotaku reached out to RedDeerGames for comment.

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AAA Clock more than justifies its existence from an aesthetic standpoint considering the Switch’s dry-as-hell black or white wallpaper options. Outside of transforming your handheld into a portable time-telling device, AAA Clock also has a neat side-scrolling action platformer “hidden” within it for those needing to spice up their observation of the passage of time.