Nintendo fans (and television viewers!) may remember a commercial Nintendo ran a few years back. For Paper Mario, on the GameCube. Was a great ad, with a cute message, and a charming little tune accompanying it. Problem is, that charming little tune is called "You're So Cool", and was composed by Oscar-winner Hans Zimmer for the Tarantino flick True Romance. And Nintendo allegedly used it without permission. On June 12, Hollywood production company Morgan Creek filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. But then, on June 18, they withdrew the case. No reason given. Which sparks the ol' curiosity circuits! Maybe they got their facts wrong? Maybe Nintendo paid them off? Maybe they saw how damn cute the commercial was, how nobody (sadly) remembers True Romance, and just couldn't be bothered?

Nintendo Sued Over Use of Music from 1993 Film [GamePolitics]