Nintendo Sending The DS Off Not With A Whimper, But A Bark

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Little Charo is a Japanese cartoon aimed at helping kids learn English. It's also now a DS game being published by, of all companies, Nintendo. Wouldn't it be amazing if this was the old handheld's last big game?

It probably won't be, of course, not with Pokemon just out and the DS' successor, the 3DS, still over a month away, but we can dream. We can also enjoy the English voice acting on display in these clips, as Charo - a little lost dog from Japan - makes both friends and enemies on the mean streets of the Big Apple.

Fun fact: the TV show this educational game is based on has its English language component translated by American-born Patrick Harlan (pictured above), who aside from being a somewhat famous comedian in Japan also did some voice acting work for PS1 game Resident Evil Survivor.


He also used to make money wearing silly underpants while people took pictures of him.

Little Charo is out on the DS in Japan next week.

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Cheese Addict

Why can't we have games like this to teach us Japanese?