Nintendo Says Wii U Is Going To Be 'Important For The World'

Nintendo will launch the Wii U this fall, at least a year before fellow hardware makers Sony and Microsoft release their own new gaming consoles. But Nintendo isn't launching early to beat out the competition. They just want to change the world.

"Being first in the next generation race is not important at all," Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told Gamasutra in an interview published today. "One of the reasons we believe this is the time for Nintendo to launch the Wii U is it's going to be important for the world."


Important to the world? While the Wii U's tablet-like controller could indeed provide a cheaper, living room-centric alternative to Apple's ubiquitous iPad, I'm not sure it's a world-changer.

Speaking further to Gamasutra, Iwata also stressed that Nintendo isn't concerned with the Wii U's power problem. No matter how heavy duty Sony and Microsoft go with their respective consoles, Nintendo is just going to do its own thing.

"We have not changed our strategy," he said. "In other words, we just do not care what kind of 'more beef' console Microsoft and Sony might produce in 2013. Our focus is on how we can make our new console different than [others]."


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