Casual gaming? Whatever! This is no casual gaming, buster. Just ask Nintendo! It'll set you straight. Nintendo Europe's senior marketing director Laurent Fischer unloads:

For me, you are a gamer or non-gamer... I think most of you know that you can spend ten or twenty hours on an internet flash game and have not realized. The guy who plays these games regularly — he's a core gamer... Someone who is fifty-years old who only plays Brain Training, but plays it like a core gamer is a core gamer... I don't like this word casual so much. Because people consider that casual needs to be something easy. If you're good at any game you can play at a high difficulty level... Take Tetris. There is incredible gameplay, it's very simple, very easy to understand, but it's also very different. I think a game can be a light enough to enjoy and for all gamers to become a core gamer on it... There is no casual gaming. There is just a different way to play.

Fischer doesn't like the word casual so much? Talk about an understatement.
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