Nintendo Says 3DS Is "Our Next Handheld Platform"

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Dispelling any doubt over the significance of the upcoming 3DS, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has told BusinessWeek that the console is the company's "next handheld platform".


"We have ideas of what we want to bring to the consumer that we can't do with the current DS model", he said. "The Nintendo 3DS for us is our next handheld platform."

While this seemed likely given the fact that DS support for the 3DS has been described as "backwards compatability", this is the first official confirmation we've had that the 3DS will indeed be an all-new handheld generation, making it Nintendo's fourth after the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS.


The world will get its first look at the 3DS in June, during the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

Nintendo Says 3DS to Be Biggest Handheld Product Since 2004 [BusinessWeek]

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I respectfully disagree — I don't see how that confirms anything. Before the DS XL came out, he could have said the same thing. "The Nintendo DS XL for us is our next handheld platform."

The whole idea of releasing a 3-D DS right now is to ride the wave of hype surrounding 3-D tech.

The statement from Fils-Aime is just further hype.

And saying "Dispelling any doubt" is mega-hype.

Hype hype hype. Mark my post, this is just a Nintendo DS with 3-D screens.

Fact is, we really won't know if it is a significant platform shift until we see it in action or get hardware specs.

Simma down nah.