Nintendo was in no danger of giving up the American console crown with its performance in August, selling just shy of another million Wiis and Nintendo DSs. More Nintendo hardware was sold to U.S. consumers than on all other platforms combined. Hardware sales were mostly down โ€” save for the PSP โ€” with the PlayStation 3 seeing its three month streak of dominance over the Xbox 360 broken. Microsoft's recent price cuts on the 360 should go a long way to helping it next month as well. But we're getting ahead of ourselves... Hit the jump for of Console War's August casualty count.Nintendo DS - 518,300 Wii - 453,000 PSP - 253,000 Xbox 360 - 195,200 PlayStation 3 - 185,400 PlayStation 2 - 144,100 NPD analyst Anita Frazier highlights the Wii's success for the month, writing "Across hardware, software and accessories, products for the Wii platform contributed 28% of total industry dollar sales for the month of August." "The PSP and PS3 systems achieved the greatest percentage gain of all now-gen systems," Frazier noted. "The sales acceleration of these systems, combined with the recent Xbox 360 price cuts should fuel future growth of this category." Yes, it was a rather impressive month for the PSP. August's monthly take on the hardware side was $394.53 million, just 3% better than the previous August. Total hardware sales for the year amount to $3.73 billion, a much more positive 20% improvement for the same period from 2007. Thanks to the NPD Group for providing us with monthly data.