Nintendo Reveals Wii Music - A Band Game Without Plastic Instruments!

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The last thing the world needs is another set of plastic musical instruments cluttering our collective living room. Nintendo knows this, and their answer to music hungry fans is Wii Music, a game all about jamming and enjoying playing with your friends. There's no competition, no rhythm, and no timing.

"This game is one of the titles we started designing around Wii Sports, Wii Play and Wii Fit" said Miyamoto, who had appeared on stage during the game's introduction, playing the sax. "We designed Wii Music to allow everyone the joy of performing music."

Details are still forthcoming, but we know that around 50 different instruments will be playable, from traditional Japanese drums with balance board support for drum kits, standing bass, violins...a virtual symphony. The game even features drum lessons for the rhythmically challneged.

The game supports four players, and can not only evaluate your performance, but also record videos of your performance to share with your friends.

Nice! all the fun of a Rock Band game without making you look like too much of a tool for failing.



I wanted them to do something to convince me that they are still looking to balance the casual games with games that have a higher replay value. I bought Zelda, Mario, etc when they came out. Enjoyed them but felt the replay value was not there. The game I play most on my Wii is RE4... That's right, a rebadged Gamecube game with (IMHO) the best use of the Wii-Remote. We have (I forget which) either Iwata or Myamoto come out afterwards and "leak" the information that the Zelda and Mario teams are both working on new Wii titles. Great. Why couldn't that have been part of the main presser and instead was "leaked, insider information?" Someone else made the point and I think it's a good one. E3 is NOT for the casual gamer. Those who tune into E3 or log onto websites to see what is being anounced tend to be the more ravid fans out there. I consider myself a tweener in that I like both the "Hardcore" themed games and I do like many of the more casual games. I don't have time to play a 72-hour marathon on RB6V2 like some do. For me being able to enjoy my gaming in shorter snippets is more important to me. If anything that makes the need for that time to be vaulable even more important.

So what was I hoping for? I thought the Kid Icarus rumours were interesting but, as I never cared for the original, I didn't care if there was a sequel. Star Fox would have been nice. Or something, even just a tech demo, that showed someone pushing the limits on the hardware. As it is games on the Wii are almost looking worse, not better.

And as far as the VC goes, yeah I know that many of the companies are no-longer around, but there are still rights to games to be had. Look at Bases Loaded. That was from Jaleico who hasn't produced anything in nearly 20-years. If they can get Bases Loaded, there's little reason they shouldn't be able to get games like Mega Man, Castlevania from the NES, Skate or Die, Rush N Attack, Akari Warriors, Top Gun, hell even Pilot Wings! There are titles from nintendo, Capcom, Tecmo, Konami, LJN, and many more that haven't arrived. Sega Genesis titles too. It just seems like the focus right now is on Neo Geo titles...