Nintendo Reveals Lifetime Wii, DSi Sales Figures

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We left you on a bit of a cliffhanger earlier. Gave you lifetime DS sales, but held out on Wii and DSi lifetime sales. It's only fair we complete the lineup.


The lifetime, worldwide sales for both consoles were disclosed as part of Nintendo's financial results for the past quarter (April-June). And they are as follows:

Wii: 52.62 million
DSi: 6.68 million.

6.68 million DSi consoles already? Overall drop in Nintendo sales or not, that is impressive.

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But how many of these Wiis actually get played >5 hours a week? Now THAT is the question.

As for the DS...Well, Japs love their mobile everything. If it's tiny and does anything, they flock to it. Innovative bastards.