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Nintendo Responds To Song Swiping Lawsuit

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Earlier this month, Nintendo of America was on the receiving end of a lawsuit from Hollywood production company Morgan Creek Productions, which alleged copyright infringement over the use of music from the movie True Romance in a TV spot for GameCube game Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

The suit was quickly withdrawn by Morgan Creek... mysteriously!

It's really not that mysterious. According to a statement from Nintendo, the whole thing has been settled, with ad agency Leo Burnett reminding Morgan Creek that it had already entered into a music licensing agreement with the production company. Looks like all that was required was a "Sorry 'bout that!" The full statement follows.

A lawsuit filed by Morgan Creek Productions, Inc. against Nintendo of America was recently dismissed. The lawsuit alleged copyright infringement by Nintendo for its use of the song "You're So Cool" in a Nintendo GameCube television commercial produced by advertising agency Leo Burnett USA, Inc. In response to the lawsuit, Leo Burnett provided Morgan Creek Productions with a copy of a music license entered into between Leo Burnett USA, on behalf of Nintendo of America and Morgan Creek, for licensing of the song. The lawsuit was dismissed by Morgan Creek Productions the following day.


Excellent. Looks like nobody got hurt and the Nintendo war chest looking like it didn't lose a dime.