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When you're consistently moving well over a million units of hardware in the U.S. every month, how can you not have a spring in your step? Nintendo does, plugging in October's NPD sales data into this month's statement. Nintendo sold 803,210 Wiis and 491,176 Nintendo DSs in October, bringing lifetime to date sales to 13.35 million and 23.02 million respectively. And Wii Fit? Chalk up 2.83 million in the U.S. alone in six months. I can't even imagine how fit we're going to be in a year's time. Ms. Cammie Dunaway, who Wii Balance Boards with the best of 'em, does her economic downturn best, pointing out that Nintendo "provides consumers with the best value not only among video games, but also among most entertainment options." Oh, the value of it all!

Nintendo News Wii and Nintendo DS Top October U.S. Sales Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ topped the U.S. sales charts and combined to sell more than 1.29 million units in October. Nintendo sold 803,210 Wii consoles and 491,176 Nintendo DS systems in October, according to the independent NPD Group, which tracks video game sales in the United States. These figures bring the lifetime U.S. sales for Wii to more than 13.35 million and Nintendo DS to more than 23.02 million, extending their leads as the best-selling hardware of this generation. Nintendo’s total hardware unit sales represent a 25.7 percent increase over October 2007. They also account for 59.3 percent of the industry’s total hardware unit sales. Wii Fit™, the game that combines fun and fitness, sold nearly half a million copies in the United States in October, six months after it launched. The lifetime U.S. sales for Wii Fit now total more than 2.83 million. “Nintendo provides consumers with the best value not only among video games, but also among most entertainment options,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “Nintendo also provides an incomparable range of experiences that everyone can enjoy, whether you’ve been playing for years or are just getting into video games.” Three games made for Nintendo systems placed in the top five best-selling games of the month, including Wii Fit™ at No. 2 with 487,234 copies sold, Mario Kart Wii™ at No. 4 with 289,869 copies sold and Wii Play™ at No. 5 with 281,844 copies sold.


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