There's little for Nintendo to say following another month of just doing the same old, same old — selling nearly a million hardware units and just barely keeping up with demand. Another half-million Nintendo DSs? Check. That ticks the install base to nearly 22 million. Nearly another half-million Wiis? 12 million strong install base, here they come. And then there's the software. More Wii Play, more Mario Kart, more Wii Fit. Stop this merry-go-round of consistency! We want to get off! We don't know how Nintendo's executive VP of sales and marketing Cammie Dunaway can keep coming up with things to say, in the light of such positivity. We're wondering if the corporate response will ever just consist of a shrug and a head-cock. Your corporate gloat awaits you.

NPD Says Nintendo DS and Wii Finish 1 and 2 in August U.S. Sales Nintendo DS™ and Wii™ again topped the hardware sales charts for August, according to the independent NPD Group, which tracks video game sales in the United States. In August, more than 514,000 portable Nintendo DS systems sold in the United States, bringing the lifetime U.S. total to nearly 22 million. In August, more than 448,000 Wii consoles sold in the United States, bringing the lifetime U.S. total to nearly 12 million and extending its lead as the best-selling video game console of this generation. Five games made for Nintendo systems placed in the top 10 best-selling games of the month, including Wii Fit™ at No. 4 with nearly 395,000 sold, Mario Kart® Wii at No. 5 with nearly 329,000 sold, Wii Play™ at No. 6 with more than 200,000 sold, Madden NFL 09 All-Play for Wii at No. 9 with nearly 116,000 sold and Guitar Hero: On Tour for Nintendo DS at No. 10 with more than 111,000 sold. "The positive public response to Nintendo DS and Wii has stayed strong throughout 2008," said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. "New titles like Madden NFL 09 All-Play for Wii have joined top 10 veterans like Wii Fit, demonstrating the wide and long-lasting appeal of Nintendo games."