Released today in North America and Europe, Swapdoodle is Nintendo’s latest take on 3DS note swapping, allowing players to share scribbled messages and purchase various add-ons to make them better at it.

Though Nintendo doesn’t specifically say so in today’s eShop press release, Swapdoodle sounds like a successor to the Swapnote sharing app, sharing a lot of the same basic functionality and even featuring popular host Nikki.

But there’s a whole lot more available, for a price. This is a free-to-start title, meaning you can download it for nothing once available, but to get the most out of Swapdoodle there’s a lot of extras to buy, including drawing tutorials featuring popular Nintendo characters, storage space, stationary and more. From the app’s page:

With the right add-on, you can also draw more doodles per note, boost your note storage to over 6000, get more than 45 pen colors, and download stationaries featuring Nintendo characters.


Features include:

  • Swap messages and doodles with your Nintendo 3DS friends
  • Purchase add-ons packs to enhance your doodles and learn to doodle Nintendo characters
  • Take doodle lessons featuring characters from Splatoon, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, and more!
  • Draw 3D doodles on 2 layers
  • Place a sticker of your Mii character’s face with different emotions
  • Send in-game screenshots from select titles

One feature Scribblenote does not have is photo sharing, a function that got Swapnote into trouble in 2013, when it was found that users were sharing offensive material. The application’s online Spotpass sharing functionality was permanently disabled as a result.


Check out the UK trailer for Swapdoodle below. The app is now available in the UK and Europe, and the North American version should be up shortly.