Nintendo Promises Increased Wii And DS Supply For The Holidays

Nintendo took a moment during their press conference in San Francisco this morning to assure desperate parents that the Nintendo Wii and DS Lite would be in ample supply this holiday season. Specifically, Wii supplies should see a significant increase over last year's levels, while the DS will be available in greater numbers than ever before.

“We have new games and new experiences for every kind of player this holiday season, and that will certainly fuel increased interest in Wii and Nintendo DS,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “While there’s no way to gauge total demand for our hardware systems, we’re trying to satisfy as many of those players as possible.”


My suggestion? Buy them early anyway. Don't let promises of increased supply cause you to wind up crying in front of a Toys R Us video game counter because your child's holiday is ruined. You're a bad parent, and that's okay. The book they write one day will pay for your nursing home.

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