Nintendo, Please Turn This Animal Crossing Animation Into A TV Show, Immediately

Illustration for article titled Nintendo, Please Turn This iAnimal Crossing/i Animation Into A TV Show, Immediately
Screenshot: Gabriel Salas

Taking as many cues from the soothing Rilakkuma and Kaoru as it does Nintendo’s big series, this teaser hints at a better world. A world where every time I turn on Netflix I’m asked if I want to keep watching an Animal Crossing series, and I get to say yes.


Made throughout the course of the year, it was directed by Gabriel Salas, with animation by Jaime Mora, storyboards by Ale Carrasco and music by Jeremy Neroes. Camila Asencio, meanwhile, handled the Japanese writing.

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Just a heads up: You copy-pasted the links from YouTube, they go to a YT redirect, instead of to the actual URL.

The clips on the animator’s Vimeo are outstanding. I love this character animation, very expressive!

I wanna know more about the shaders and stuff used in this Animal Crossing short! The whole ‘felted’ look—complete with little stray fibers—is amazing. It really takes the look of the game—where a sort ‘felt plushie’ look is implied via textures—to a whole new level of reality. (Not to mention the equally-excellent shader work on things like Isabelle’s sweater-vest.)