Last year, Zelda's 25th anniversary came and went with little fanfare from Nintendo. What people wanted was a nice big commemorative box set. What we got was...a concert tour and a 3DS.

Designer Jason Nowak knows what we wanted, though, and took a crack at designing it. The results are...beautiful. A wooden box, a little book, some discs collecting the games in the series. Something that pays respects to the series while also letting you, well, play the series.

If it also played the Zelda chest theme every time it opened, I'd start cutting out semi-vital organs to raise the cash to buy one.

I remember in a previous life, as an EBGames/GameStop employee, I was only once ever explicitly told not to touch, sell to friends or even borrow a game. And that was the Zelda bonus disc on GameCube that collected what was at the time every major entry in the series.


I'd thought, at the time, it had been pressed onto solid gold. Nearly ten years later, I'm convinced it was.