Masato Kuwahara, project leader of the Nintendo DSi Hardware group, responsible for the development of the new Nintendo handheld, says that the company is planning "Nintendo DSi enhanced game cards," offering DSi hardware-specific game features.

That means games that play on both the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DSi, but have features that can't be accessed on the previous version of the hardware platform.

"For example," Kuwahara said today, "you will use these features if you want to create textures from photographs taken with the DSi camera." He said during his talk, "The Inspiration Behind Nintendo DSi Development," that these types of "Nintendo DSi Enhanced" game cards are still in development.

That feature could be used in games like Animal Crossing: Wild World, which currently uses an in-game texture creation tool that allows users to create patterns with the DS touchscreen.

Kuwahara also hinted at games that were designed specifically the Nintendo DSi, indicating that they would not be playable on the original Nintendo DS or DS Lite.