Nintendo On That New DS Rumor...

Click to viewOver the weekend, Nikkei Net announced that Nintendo plans to introduce a new iteration of the Nintendo DS sometime this year. This still yet unconfirmed DS will apparently feature a built-in camera and music playback as well as improved wireless functions. Nikkei Net writes that the new version is "expected to be priced below 20,000 yen" — the DS Lite is currently priced at 16,800 yen (US$158) in Japan. While there hasn't been an actual announcement, Nintendo issued a statement about this rumored new DS:

We are always developing new products. However, since nothing has been announced officially, we are unable to comment at this time.


That's polite for "No comment". 新型ニンテンドーDSが年内に発売!? [Famitsu]

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