Photo: Brian Ashcraft

Before purchasing Nintendo Labo, one of my concerns was about replacement parts. What if my kids destroy the cardboard? What if I accidentally sit or step on a Toy-Con? Good news, because starting today, Nintendo’s online shop will start selling replacement cardboard.

Nintendo previously addressed in this Nintendo Labo FAQ, stating, “But if you need replacement materials, you’ll be able to purchase them starting April 20, 2018, at or by calling Nintendo Consumer Service at 1-800-255-3700.”

As of writing, the Nintendo Japan online store has the parts priced and listed.’s store, it seems, has yet to launch its Labo parts page.

Photo: Nintendo


Individual cardboard sheets are 162 yen ($1.51), making it possible to replace specific parts instead of buying a whole new kit. There are sets for sale, such as the piano kit for 1,296 yen ($12.05) or the motorcycle for the same price.

Image: Nintendo


A set of the Variety Kit fastening items (rubber bands, string, etc) is 1,080 yen ($10.04).

Since’s store has yet to launch, we don’t have exact dollar pricing, but they should be in the same ballpark.


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