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Subscribers to the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine have suffered a momentary delay in monthly Nintendo news, possibly in the interests of exclusive new game info, which could hit as early as Friday.


According to subscriber communication passed on to a GoNintendo reader, the Official Nintendo Magazine staff apologized for the long wait between issues, noting the "delay is due to some great exclusive content that has resulted in us having to send out your subscription copy slightly later than planned." The mag is now planned for "on or around" February 14th.

The Official Nintendo Magazine was responsible for teasing game reveals like NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams and Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii. Could it have another MEGATON game reveal planned for its next issue? We've yet to be bombarded by teasers or leaks, so we're exercising hype caution.


After all, ONM could be bound to an embargo for something far less exciting, such as a review exclusive held by a competing outlet.

Or it could be Pikmin 3!!! Sorry, got carried away there. Keep your eyes peeled and your head down for piping hot Nintendo news.

Official Nintendo Magazine apologizes for issue delay, promises big news on the way [GoNintendo]

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