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Nintendo Lawyers Leave Yoshi's Rip-Off Android Game Feeling Blue

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In February I speculated that perhaps a sex and name change would be enough to throw Nintendo's legal team off the scent of Era's Adventures, an Android game starring a female dinosaur that bore a striking resemblance to — okay, it was Yoshi. I was being silly. Nothing throws off Nintendo's legal team, and so Era transforms from shameless Yoshi copy to mildly shameful Yoshi copy.


Today developer Botond Kopacz reached out to Kotaku, letting us know that a new version of the original (mostly) 3D platforming game was now on Android, with a character that's slowly evolving into something that won't make Nintendo quite as angry.

Kopacz confirmed that Nintendo had contacted him regarding the character, and that he's working with them to affect the required changes.


"Yes, and they did with rightly since the original Era was Yoshi's character. The new Era is also similar to Yoshi but we are cooperating with Nintendo about the changes required by them but till that time the only thing that we could do is to re-color it, remove the carapace and some other parts and make some changes in "Eras" head shape."

Not sure he's quite there yet, but that's definitely not Yoshi. It's more like the baby of Yoshi and a tree frog, and then got severely beaten by Nintendo's lawyers.


Era's Adventures is available as both a free trial and a full HD version on Google Play right now.