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Yoshi's Unlicensed Adventure Available on Android, At Least Until Nintendo Figures Out How to Remove It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you're a Hungarian Android developer looking to cut game design corners by co-opting an existing character, you might want to go a little more obscure than one of Nintendo's most beloved characters.

Spotted by the keen eyes over at NeoGAF, Era's Adventures is a real game you can purchase on Google Play for $1.99. It's the story of a young female fire-breathing dragon that finds herself trapped in a strange place, forced to hunt for the keys to her freedom as an arbitrary timer counts down to... doom, I guess? It's not all that clear.


Andev doesn't seem to be going out of its way to hide the co-opting of Mario's ride. The game's website proudly features the Yoshi look-alike. The Facebook page nonchalantly announces new language options for the game—now you can play as not-Yoshi in Spanish, German and Hungarian.

Who knows, maybe Nintendo's lawyers will be completely fooled by the name and the sex change. Perhaps they'll just let this one slide.


The game is doomed.