Nintendo Launching New DSi XL Color

Today, Nintendo revealed that it will release a new DSi XL color—Metallic Rose. Nintendo described it as "eye-catching shade of pink with a luminous modern sheen". How fetching.

The portable goes on sale September 18 and is priced at US$169.99. It joins other Nintendo DSi XL colors Bronze, Midnight Blue, and Burgundy.


The "Metallic Rose" hue should be familar. Nintendo released a Metallic Rose DS Lite, and it was certainly an eye-catching shade of pink!

With the 3DS out, a new DSi XL color could come off as mixed messaging, or even confusing. I don't see it that way. Nintendo is supporting the DS platform, and it's doing it with a new color. There are lots of great DS games. If you like large pink things, then this could be for you.


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... Wait, so is there anything the DSi XL can do that the 3DS can't? If both systems are the same price, what's the point of buying a DSi XL now?