Nintendo’s New ‘Switch Concierge’ Service Will Give You Game Recs

nintendo switch operating system
Photo: Nintendo

Nintendo has launched Nintendo Switch Concierge, a program designed to familiarize those who “recently purchased a Nintendo Switch system” with the console.


Switch Concierge gives Switch owners one-on-one video conferences with a Nintendo rep. There are six half-hour sessions to choose from: Nintendo Switch 101, Games (Getting Started), Games (What to Play Next), Security and Privacy, Nintendo Account, and Customization. It all appears very 101—for instance, the Games (Getting Started) session purportedly covers the difference between buying a game on a cartridge or purchasing it via “digital download.” (Are not all downloads digital?) The Customization session, meanwhile, will go over the @NintendoInspired Instagram feed.

A service for new Switch owners wouldn’t have been a thing a year ago: Last spring, while Animal Crossing: New Horizons soothed those confined to their homes during the start of the pandemic, it was nearly impossible to get your hands on a Switch. Now that most digital retailers have the Switch back in stock, Switch Concierge is presumably more viable. I’m looking forward to learning about the available video games for Nintendo Switch and why they’re all spelled H-a-d-e-s.

Bonus Sessions:

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Are Digital downloads family friendly?
I heard really bad things about it, which stop me from buying my daughter a switch lite.

Like, If I own DLC with my profile, she cannot play it on her switch regardless of being part of my family plan (unless she logs in on my profile, which is useless), because the family plan only includes “the online service”.