Nintendo Is Working On Something Better Than Wii HDD

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Club Nintendo, the official Nintendo mag for Latin America, has interviews with Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto and company exec Reggie Fils-Aime. According to translations from game site Go Nintendo, Miyamoto says there won't be any more peripherals — there's too many already. The game creator won't say if Wii Motion Plus will be in future Zelda games, but confirms what we already knew: They are working on new Zelda titles. While Miyamoto says to expect an announcement about hard drive solutions in the future (but doesn't confirm an hard drive), Reggie says Nintendo is not making a hard drive and will come up with a better solution. Reggie also says a DS redesign is when sales go down, which seems to mean that we shouldn't get our hopes up at the present moment. Reggie also says that Animal Crossing is not casual and that the GTA DS game is for the core crowd. About Microsoft avatar, he adds that "copying is a way of flattering, so we're very flattered." Hrm... Better solution than an actual hard drive? Why not, you know, just release a hard drive? Reggie says no hard drive…but a better solution, while Miyamoto says enough with the peripherals [Go Nintendo via CVG] [Pic]


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Fils-Aime has always sort of rubbed me the wrong way. It seems like with everything he says, he's lying right to my face. Either that, or he's telling me the truth and somehow it's worse than lying. For example, E308 when he straight-up said they came to the INDUSTRY TRADE SHOW to IGNORE the CORE demographic. That one stung. And now here he is saying that Animal Crossing counts for their core game count (it doesn't; my ex-girlfriend got into gaming because of that and even though she could play a mean shop owner, she never could quite point a gun on Halo) and that somehow they've decided on a better solution for storage than a hard drive? Better?

Everything Nintendo gives us that's "better" is actually not. Standard Definition is "better" because it costs less...except for people like me with HDTVs where SD actually means "worse" and "blurry." Nintendo gave us another game-only system, which is "better" because it is unnecessary to implement a DVD player...except for people who actually want DVD playback, for whom it is "worse," and for whom an almost 9-year-old PS2 begins to look pretty sweet. My only guess with this next "better" strategy is that they will give us a Wii version of those file upload sites...Nintendo gives you 100MB more of personal storage on their private servers, and you get 32-digit "game codes" in order to move files in and out of your console in order to manage space, with a $5 / month subscription fee and a $1 / game surcharge. And we all know how well the Wi-Fi service is to begin with.

I have no reason to believe any of my theory other than that it's the worst possible idea they could have, and for Nintendo, that's their definition of "better" these days.