Nintendo Is The Best Company... IN THE WORLD

So says a ranking in business publication BusinessWeek. The top forty companies were rated on 2008 sales and international sales percentage.

Consulting firm A.T. Kearney picked the best of the best from 2,500 companies worldwide. According to BusinessWeek, "Kearney then only considers those companies with 2008 sales greater than $10 billion, with at least 25% derived from outside their home region."


Here's how the top five looks:

5. Hyundai Heavy Industries (Shipbuilding)
4. Doosan Heavy Industries (Construction Products and Services)
3. Apple (Electronics)
2. Google (Internet Services)
1. Nintendo (Electronics)

Sony and Microsoft did not make the top forty.

The World's Best Companies [BusinessWeek Thanks Crito!] [Pic]


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