Nintendo is Releasing Mario DLC. That You Pay For.

Illustration for article titled Nintendo is Releasing Mario DLC. That You Pay For.

Hi, Nintendo. Welcome to the DLC era.

Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils-Aime has revealed today that, when New Super Mario Bros. 2 is released on 3DS on August 19, it'll be supported post-release by new, paid downloadable content.


After making very sure he promised that this wouldn't be affecting development on the core title, Fils-Aime says that new "coin rush" stages will be made available down the line, though he couldn't reveal how or when these would be released.


Okay, look... I apologize for the hyperbole that follows, but as a longtime Nintendo fan I have this to say:

I'm sorry, I'm done! Video games are over. Bring on the books and knitting.

(No, but seriously... I always enjoyed the fact that I never had to worry about poor DLC practices when playing Nintendo games. Sure the Fire Emblem DLC pricing in Japan was pretty ridiculous, but it's not like it was in one of Nintendo's big core franchises, so it was nothing worry about! Now it's in Mario, and I'm a little sad.)