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Nintendo Is Doing A Zelda Escape Room

Illustration for article titled Nintendo Is Doing A iZelda /iEscape Room

If you’ve ever had the urge to hug a Goron or explore a real-life version of the Water Temple, you may be in luck—Nintendo announced today plans to do a series of escape rooms centering on The Legend of Zelda, as part of a limited tour that will be traveling across the United States this year.


Nintendo is partnering with an escape-room company called SCRAP to make this happen, and they say this Zelda game will be different than your average escape room.

“Instead of escaping from a locked room, participants work in teams of six to solve a mystery in a huge area, all within a set time limit,” says Nintendo in a press release. “The experience will let guests interact with classic items and characters seen in The Legend of Zelda series like the Goron, Zora and Kokiri tribes. Discovered items can be used to solve puzzles and move forward into other areas, just like in The Legend of Zelda games.”


The dates so far:

  • San Francisco – Jan. 31-Feb. 5
  • Los Angeles – Feb. 10-12
  • San Diego – Feb. 24-25
  • Seattle – TBA
  • Phoenix – TBA
  • Houston – TBA
  • Chicago – TBA
  • New York – TBA

I for one will be there as soon as the calendar hits TBA. I wonder if they’re reusing all the extravagant scenery they brought to E3?

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I’ll never be in a proper place to do this but...
Please let the sound play when you open a chest. Please let the sound play when you open a chest. Please let the sound play when you open a chest. etc.