Nintendo Investor: 'I Do Not Understand Video Games'

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Here's an excerpt from Nintendo's annual investors Q&A, which was posted online in English this morning:

I do not understand video games and I even feel angry because, at Nintendo's shareholders' meetings, the shareholders always discuss things relating to video games or such childish topics as "what the future of video games should be," while I, for one, was flabbergasted that Mr. Iwata continues to hold his position although he had said that he would resign if the company's performance were bad*.

I hope that Nintendo's shareholders' meeting will become an opportunity where the shareholders discuss the company's business operations from the viewpoints of capital gain and dividends.

Oh man. These are the people who own shares in one of the most beloved video game companies in the world. This guy might not have any direct impact on Nintendo's decisions and products, but his question sure is hilarious—much better than the constant deluge of shareholders asking the company to make smartphone games.


The responses, from Nintendo execs Genyo Takeda and Tatsumi Kimishima, are just as great. You can feel the tension.

Takeda: I appreciate your tough comment. We, the directors of this company, believe that we should take responsibility by recovering our business's momentum. I would like to ask Mr. Kimishima to comment on this valuable opinion from one of the Nintendo shareholders.

Kimishima: The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders is an important opportunity for communication between Nintendo shareholders and the company's management team. It is a place where we respond to the views expressed by shareholders, in order to discuss how we should develop the company from now on. From that perspective, talking about the company's business operations is very important and, at the same time, as an entertainment company, it is also very important for us to inform our shareholders about the kinds of entertainment Nintendo offers, including video game content. Therefore, as the shareholder has just commented, we are and will continue trying to thoroughly discuss our business operations, and we will continue to respond to questions from other shareholders regarding the kinds of entertainment we are challenging ourselves to offer. We will try to further enhance the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders from now on. We appreciate your continued support of the company.

Takeda: Once again, we appreciate these valuable comments from the shareholder.

Don't you just hate it when Nintendo talks about video games? Check out the whole Q&A here. There's no major news, though Shigeru Miyamoto does mention some unannounced "ideas" for 3DS Zelda games...

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