Nintendo Introduces Wii Fit Body Check Channel

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Forget boring old corporate calisthenics! Nintendo today announces that three of Japan's biggest companies — NEC, Panasonic and Hitachi — are getting their Wii Fit on with the "Wii Fit Body Check Channel."


The "Wii Fit Body Channel" provides users advice based on their Wii Fit data as well as the data from walking DS title Aruite Wakaru Sekatsu Rhythm DS. It's becoming possible for individuals using Wii Fit to have their data measured and then get advice sent via email to their Wiis.

Since last December, NEC and NEC mobile began a cell phone version of the "Wii Fit Body Check Channel." Starting this April, the NEC Group (NEC and NEC Mobile) will launch a hosted Wii Fit Channel aimed at employees and their families. The company hopes to offer this service outside NEC in the future.

Hitachi and Hitachi Software Engineering are responsible for the system's programming — namely how it crunches data and offers advice. Hitachi is doing a Wii Fit Body Check in-house trial in company offices this February. Depending on the results, Hitachi will decide how to continue.

Also this April, Wii Fit and the Wii Fit Body Check Channel will be introduced by Panasonic Medical Solutions to health care workers with its Plissimo Sigusa health care plan. What's more, Panasonic Medical Solutions is offering the program to the country's health insurance union.

An interactive Wii Fit channel that gives advice? That sounds like just what the doctor ordered.



I'm a bit disturbed by the idea of Wii Fit in general and that Nintendo is pushing way too hard on the idea of catering to non-gamers. I mean, I'm an ardent Nintendo fan.. or maybe I'm going to be a semi-Nintendo fan now that they're pushing these weird kinda/sorta/maybe games out.

ESPECIALLY Wii Fit. Seriously, instead of a halfassed fitness game, the best way is to either WORK OUT IN REAL LIFE for free, or use that Wii Fit money for a gym membership.

I can sorta back the idea of the game getting people fit, but it sort of contradicts the idea that the good old fashioned exercise should be advocated. Not this door-stop against being out of shape.