Nintendo Having Yet Another Press Conference (What's Going On?)

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Right before this year's Tokyo Game Show, Nintendo suddenly revealed it was having a press conference. It was a total bust. Today, Nintendo suddenly announced it was holding another press conference. Will it be a disappointment, too?

Dubbed "Nintendo 3DS New Information: Internet Presentation", the event will be carried over Japanese video site NicoNico Douga and Ustream. Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's president, will give the presentation According to Nintendo, this Friday's press conference will showcase "new Nintendo 3DS news" that it was "impossible" to announce during the pre-TGS event.


During the pre-TGS event, Nintendo did not reveal pricing and a release date for the 3DS Expansion Slide Pad, but snuck that information out via its website.

According to Nintendo, topics at the new conference will include details about the planned November update for the Nintendo 3DS as well as more information about Mario Kart 7 features and functions.


There has to be a surprise or two, especially if this press conference isn't to be another let down. Will Nintendo announce a new 3DS revision? Or will the 3DS get another price cut? Stay tuned, we'll find out Friday.

ニンテンドー3DSの新情報を [任天堂]

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"It was a total bust"

I don't know what you would consider not a let down. It certainly isn't a redesign, as you and your compatrots would lick their journalistic lips over a redesign.... I can foresee the "WE TOLD YOU SO" articles now.

Bravely Default, two Monster Hunter titles, a new Fire Emblem title, Dragon Quest and Dynasty Warriors... seem like decent titles to me.

Not enough boobies for you Bash?

"In my *perhaps not correct* opinion, it was a bust"

Only a Sith deals in absolutes...