Nintendo Hardware Sales: DS Sales Down, Wii Sales Up (With Bonus Lifetime Sales Data)

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Nintendo just released their financial results for Q1 2009, and as part of that have revealed not only how much hardware they've shifted between April and June 2008, but how much they've managed to shift over each of their console's lifespans. And it's interesting reading, because while the Wii continues to go from strength to strength, the DS is showing a sales downturn (albeit a minor one). Could we finally be seeing the handheld's high-water mark? Here's the sales data for each console over the quarter (Apr-Jun 08), with lifetime figures in brackets. Wii Japan - 530,000 (6.4 million) North America - 2.5 million (13.1 million) Europe/Aus/Asia - 2.15 million (10 million) Total - 5.17 million (29.62 million) DS Japan - 580,000 (22.9 million) North America - 2.7 million (25.1 million) Europe/Aus/Asia - 3.65 million (29.5 million) Total - 6.94 million (77.5 million) Wii sales are up from Apr-Jun 2007, when "only" 3.4 million were sold. But, as mentioned, DS sales are actually down, as this time last year 6.98 million were sold, as opposed to 6.94 million. It's a small reduction, sure, but it's a reduction nonetheless.


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@j.m.ratkos:I think they will hold onto GBA BC simply because it makes such a great selling point and with the PSP out, being able to play three gens of Gameboy Games on the same system would be a lovely reason to get people to upgrade.

@dipsetboy17:Hey it happens man. Not every game system is for everyone and the Wii is more a secondary system.