A buttload (yes, buttload) of new Nintendo trademarks have reared their head on the Japanese trademark database. Dates and trademarks to follow: Trademarks filed on September 30, 2008 DSiChannel DSiStation DSiNews DSiMovie DSiMusicTrademarks filed on October 1, 2008 DSiMail DSiMode DSiVision DSiTsuushin (DSiCommunication) DSArcade DSBook DSCreator DSClub DSCommunity DSCooking DSDiary DSeye DSFamily DSFriend DSLife DSLive DSLibrary DSmobile DSMap DSNavi DSNet DSPhone DSPlus DSPoint DSSchool DSSpeak DSShop DSShopping DSTrainer DSTime DSWalk DSZone MyDS CatchDS ShotDS There's a couple obvious monikers Nintendo missed: DSTravel/DSiTravel, DSFood/DSiFood (or "Gourmet") and DSFit/DSiFit — not to mention the long overdue DSPrintsMoney. Those are freebies, trademark squatters! Other filings include an application for "Friends Collection" (possibly the English name for Tomodachi Connection). There's also 3DPicross listed as well as this mysterious logo, pictured:


Nintendo's trademarks provide a glimpse of what the company is not only planning, but trademarking. Fascinating. Nintendo Trademarks DSi and DS… Well Everything [Siliconera]