Nintendo Gives With One 3DS Update, Will Take Away With Another

Illustration for article titled Nintendo Gives With One 3DS Update, Will Take Away With Another

This morning North American owners of early 3DS systems awoke to find that Nintendo was delivering their first free 3D video to the system. But the company warns they may delete, without warning, in a later update.


The small system update includes a 3D music video of OK Go's White Knuckles, viewable in 3D or 2D. It also includes a bug fix meant to "improve overall wireless connection of your Nintendo 3DS system." I haven't run into any wireless connection issues, but there's also very little to do on the system with WiFi currently.

Japan received a similar music video and bug fix update shortly after the launch of the system in Japan. It features a Mario music video.

While it's great to be handed a free music video with a relatively routine software update, I wasn't too happy with the small print.

"Please note that the "White Knuckles" music video is provided for a limited time and may be deleted from your system with subsequent updates."

Worse still, at the end of the video the system notes that the music video will be deleted with the next system update.


Wait, what? Nintendo can roll out updates that can go in and delete content off of my system? No thank you!



I'd rather have "free" media deleted with an update than have core functionality removed with one (stares at Sony).