Nintendo Gives The Last Story A First Class Package

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Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey developer Mistwalker is working with Nintendo on The Last Story, a game from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. That deserves a first-rate presentation, doesn't it? Nintendo thinks so.

In Japan, where we know The Last Story will be released for sure, Nintendo is bundling Mistwalker's latest RPG with the Wii in a special release. More than just classy packaging, the bundled version of The Last Story will also come with "Elements of Last Story," a "mini soundtrack CD and visual book" combo, reports Andriasang.

Also unveiled by Nintendo? That long-time Sakaguchi collaborator and Final Fantasy music man Nobuo Uematsu will be responsible for musical duties on The Last Story. Sweet.


Nintendo Unveils The Last Story Special Package [Andriasang]

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And if this game does well expect to see The Last Story II, The Last Story III,The Last Story Iv, The Last Story V, The Last Story VI....

oh and don't forget The Last Story: DuoHexaTetrisUltra/372 Super Edition.