Nintendo Gets Sued Over Wii

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Hillcrest Laboratories sued Nintendo today claiming the game maker is using their motion-control inventions in the Wii, Bloomberg reports. Hillcrest is seeking to block imports of the Wii and Wii remotes, according to a complaint filed today with the U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington. Hillcrest also filed a civil suit in federal court in Greenbelt, Maryland. "While Hillcrest Labs has a great deal of respect for Nintendo and the Wii, Hillcrest Labs believes that Nintendo is in clear violation of its patents and has taken this action to protect its intellectual property rights,'' the company said in a statement. Three of the patents are for motion control tech and a fourth for the graphics user interface. Hillcrest are the people behind motion-control tech Freespace and a graphic interface tech called Home. Bloomberg reports that the ITC case will likely go first and can take about 15 months to be investigated. Nintendo's Wii Faces Complaints by Hillcrest Labs [Bloomberg]


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Does anyone here find that these companies that are suing Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft more than annoying? I understand that you've placed a patent out there for some piece of technology to be used for something other than gaming, but then you see that Nintendo has become hugely successful with their motion control gaming and they basically just want a piece of the pie. I feel that the patent laws/lawsuits need to be changed to where an actual working prototype needs to be created to actually show true comparisons. Having it on paper is one thing, but to have an actual working model is another. Yes, I do understand that these little companies don't have the funds to push production or research for their product like Nintendo and the other companies do, but is that something that Nintendo can be blamed for? But since it is their responsibility to research the patents that relate to their product and make sure that there is nothing to conflict their motion controller to another, then these lawsutis are probably going to keep propagating unfortuantely.