Sure, that headline reads like "sky is blue", but retail data firm The NPD Group today released figures showing just how reliant Nintendo software sales are on, well, Nintendo games.

For the 2009 calendar year, total revenue for games sold on Nintendo platforms was $3.23 billion. Of which Nintendo games constituted $1.53 billion. Or, 47%.


In terms of unit sales, there were 72.4 million games sold on Nintendo platforms last year, of which 27.5 million were published by Nintendo. More of a discrepancy there, then, but that's chiefly because Nintendo sold some expensive games (Wii Fit's bundle in particular) while other publishers sold "bargain bin" titles.

The data comes courtesy of industry analyst Michael Pachter, who provided further NPD details like:

- Guitar Hero: World Tour was outsold by not only Rock Band 2, but Just Dance, Cabela's Big Game Hunter, Deal or No Deal, The Biggest Loser and Jillian Michaels 2009 as well.

- The biggest-selling third party games (as in, those not published by Nintendo) were Mario & Sonic, EA Sports Active, Lego Star Wars, Madden 10, Tiger Woods 10, Deca Sports, Game Party and Rock Band 2

- Dead Space Extraction was the 261st best-selling game on the Wii last year. For shame.


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