The European box art for Wii shooter Sin & Punishment: Star Successor contains an unexpected surprise: a reversible cover, letting you forgo PEGI ratings in favour of something a little more Japanese.

The "alternate", printed on the reverse of the standard art, is above, the game's title displayed in Japanese across a gatefold cover. Note it's not the same as the actual Japanese cover, which is something entirely different.

The game's standard European cover is below. The irony here being it's pretty good as it is, and not a necessary measure to mask an awful piece of "localisation". Still, choice is always nice, and hopefully more publishers can do something like this. I know all the Australian releases of Miyazaki's films have included Japanese reverse covers, which nearly always look great.


Análisis : Sin & Punishment: Successor of the Skies [Revogamers, thanks Jeff!]