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Nintendo Files Trademarks for "Wii U" but Doesn't Own [Corrected]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Our good friends at Fusible note, somewhat wryly, that while Nintendo's gotten around to filing trademark applications on the Wii U it's lacking ownership of the domain. The console by that name is due for sale sometime in 2012.

Materially, this is something that concerns beancounters, really. I think Nintendo is rich enough that it can peel off those dollar bills and slap 'em down for, one hundred, two hundred! But they should have seen those fighter planes. This isn't or, or any number of sequelized domain names your garden variety cybersquatter should register. This is something registered June 7, 2011, which was—ding, ding ding!—the day Nintendo revealed to the world that trademark. A trademark it, presumably, knew about a day or two before. Whoops.


[Correction] Fusible in fact says was registered in 2004, but is not believed to be owned by Nintendo. is the domain that was registered June 7, 2011. In either case, neither domain is believed to be under the control of Nintendo.

So (shameless plug!) that's why you watch Kotaku's liveblog coverage of E3, folks! It can make you rich, if you register domain names as soon as the products are announced.


Fusible notes that the owner of is hidden behind Whois privacy and currently is a affiliate site that displays videogame and console ads.! What you need, when you need it.

Nintendo Finally Files Trademark Applications for Wii U in the U.S. [Fusible]

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