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It was a down week for hardware sales in Japan, with the Wii the only platform to see an uptick in sales week-to-week. The recently launched Nintendo DSi still tops the charts and is in no danger of losing its position to any of its hardware competitors. It does about half of the total hardware sales for the week of November 10 to 16. PlayStation 3 sales stay solid amid a half-dozen new releases over the past month, including Way of the Samurai 3, Resistance 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV. Wonder how long the DS Lite will continue to chart... • Nintendo DSi - 85,327 • PSP - 38,153 • Wii - 26,787 • PlayStation 3 - 17,448 • Xbox 360 - 7,983 • PlayStation 2 - 5,421 • Nintendo DS - 3,559


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