Nintendo DS, Xbox 360 Sales Slip In Japan

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The Media Create weekly hardware charts show some minor shifting, not unlike the earthquake we experienced in Tokyo this week. Fortunately, our hotel didn't crumble as Nintendo DS sales did this week, even though Pokémon Platinum continues to top software sales charts. The Wii and PSP swap places, as do the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360. Poor PlayStation 3 settles for last place again. Too bad we don't get Game Boy micro sales data anymore... • Nintendo DS - 42,385 • PSP - 26,045 • Wii - 25,330 • PlayStation 2 - 8,618 • Xbox 360 - 8,271 • PlayStation 3 - 7,232


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Casual gaming is kicking arse. If you a true gamer and not under the age of 12, this is bad news.