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Nintendo DS Outsells Game Boy Advance In The U.S.

Illustration for article titled Nintendo DS Outsells Game Boy Advance In The U.S.

Nintendo had a very happy holiday in the United States, shattering sales records by selling more than 7 million hardware units in December 2009 between the Wii and Nintendo DS. But Nintendo has a few more records to brag about.


The company announced that lifetime U.S. sales for the Wii have surpassed 27.2 million units. According to Nintendo, "No other home console has ever sold so many so quickly."


On the Nintendo DS front, Nintendo claims sales of more than 38.8 million, surpassing lifetime sales of the Game Boy Advance "franchise"—meaning GBA, GBA SP and Game Boy Advance micro combined. The Nintendo DS has managed to do so in a little over five years, toppling the eight and a half year old Game Boy Advance with sales of 3.31 million during the month of December.

Dual screens. Who knew it would work so well?

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It would have been nice if the DS

would have been backwards compatible.