Japan-only Nintendo DS title Tomodachi Collection is making its way to the small screen. Or the wide-screen. The flat-screen? The plasma screen. Or the LED screen? You get the picture.

Starting on May 5, program "Koi no Kaitou!? Tomokore Ni-Se" (Love's Answer?! Tomodachi Collection 2nd Gen) commences on Tokyo MX. It stars 25-year-old celebrity Mari Sekine (daughter of comedian Tsutomu Sekine), 18-year-old bikini model Maaya Morinaga (daughter of actress Marumi Shiraishi) and 16-year-old fashion model Rima Nishizaki (daughter of baseball player Yukihiro Nishizaki).


Notice anything? They're all the spawn of famous people — hence the "2nd Gen" bit in the show's title. That's the show's spin: It is hosted by the children of celebrities and will feature guests who are also the child of celebs. You know, people who are well-known for simply making their way out of a vagina!


The Tomodachi Collection connection? A Mii will be created for each guest. Last year, Tomodachi Collection was one of the biggest selling DS titles in Japan.


『トモダチコレクション』がテレビ番組に! 関根麻里ら2世タレントが『トモダチコレクション』で業界の恋話、裏話に迫る新番組がスタート [Famitsu]

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