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Nintendo hardware absolutely crushed the competition in July, selling over 1.1 million units across the Wii and Nintendo DS platforms. That total Wii plus DS figure outnumbers all other competitors combined, as the NPD Group reports that all hardware sales saw a substantial drop from June, with the DS and PlayStation 3 being hit hardest. The Xbox 360 continues to lounge in second to last place, but it saw the least substantial month-to-month drop. Those drops may be chalked up to a shorter window of accounting, as June saw a five week month sales period, with July consisting of four weeks of sales.

  • Nintendo DS - 608,400
  • Wii - 555,000
  • PlayStation 3 - 224,900
  • PSP - 221,700
  • Xbox 360 - 204,800
  • PlayStation 2 - 155,500

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