The iPhone has a ton of promise as a gaming machine. Sega certainly think so. But what of other companies? Companies that, thanks to their stake in the handheld market, may not be quite as open to the idea of facing a new challenger? MTV found out by asking Nintendo and Sony what they thought of Apple's latest gizmo. Unsurprisingly, both were a little cold on the device. Reggie said:

From our standpoint, we are aware of what the iPhone is doing. We certainly monitor it. But just like in the home console space we're focused on doing what it is we do well...we've got a large installed base that we're looking to drive even further and to sell software into. That's our focus. We'll see what happens with the iPhone but it is not something that will make us change our direction.

In other words, "la la la, I can't hear you, I made these earmuffs out of fat bundles of cash". Sony's response after the jump. Senior marketing manager for PSP, John Koller:

I think indirectly it's a competitor, but it's indirectly just like the Zune is and the DS is to a degree because it doesn't offer everything that the PSP does. In terms of the iPhone, it's rooted in telephony, right? It's in the name. The person is purchasing it primarily as a phone first and foremost, whereas a person buying a PSP is buying it first and foremost for games - over 70% buy it [PSP] just for games. So it's a little bit of a different consumer base.

Ouch. He used the "Z" word. Take that, Apple. iPhone Does Not Scare Nintendo And Sony Gaming Execs, They Say [MTV] [Pic: Gizmodo]