Nintendo Demos The Switch Controllers

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The Nintendo Switch comes with two controllers, called Joy-Cons. Here’s a demo of how they work.

When you play the Switch on the TV, you’ll set them in the Joy-Con grip, but they can be removed to play with friends and can each be used as a fully functioning controller. They have an NFC Reader/Writer for Amiibos support, and also have a capture button for capturing and sharing screenshots form gameplay. The right Joy-Con has a motion IR camera the can track the shape and motion of objects in front of it.

The Switch will either come with black Joy-Con or red and blue Joy-Con. Extra controllers will cost $50 for either the left or right controller, and $80 for a set of two.

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Nicholas Payne

The little nugget that stuck out for me was the mention of the capture button being able to record video “in the future”. Launching a console in 2017 talking about having to patch in a feature that your competitors launched with in 2013 is... not super encouraging that Nintendo is doing well in trying to finally build a modernized gaming system.