Nintendo Customer Service Training, 80's Style

Confession: I used to work at EB Games. Helped people out with Nintendo stuff all the time. Nobody ever, ever offered to bring me a pie.

[via Go Nintendo]

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Bearded Bastard

worst place ever to deal with returns is walmart, i loved it there, and god knows this happened

"do you tell them what you really think? of course not you have to da da da da da"

i told everyone what io really think, im sure i saved them from alot of scams,

one guy wanted to return bad milk, ok fine, it wasnt milk, it was flour and water, after a minute on my counter it settled. he also had 200 bucks worth of other stuff to return, he paid with gift cards and such, and then like 10 bucks on his credit card, blacked out all the information but the credit card, made it looked like he was circling the payment used, very badly,and he wanted the whole 200 on his CC,but our computer knows the reciept. got into an argument, i told him off, and well he pulled a knife. best part, when i beat the shit out of him it was a floppy retractable knife. didnt even lose my job, if i did i coulda sued walmart.... too bad